Bobby Caldwell: Don't Lead Me On

Bobby Caldwell es un cantante que lleva más de 30 años en el mundo de la música fusionando el jazz, el soul y el pop, llegando a crear un sonido muy particular. Su voz, pese a ser blanco, está llena de soul, y junto a sus cualidades de multinstrumentista, hay que sumar sus dotes como compositor. Prueba de ello es esta maravillosa canción de su disco del 92 -Stuck on You- con la que disfruto cada vez que la escucho, "Don't Lead Me On".
Don't make advances
If you can't follow through
Don't whisper words in my ear
That might not come true
They seldom do

My heart's been broken so much I've lost track
And it's taken this long to mend
So don't say you love me and then take it back
'Cause I couldn't bear it again

Don't lead me on
Don't play with my emotions baby
I've just got to know it's for real
And the love that you feel is strong
Is that so wrong
Don't lead me on

You keep making passes
Don't play games with my heart
Don't fool around
You've got to mean what you say
And you can't walk away
Once you start

When you move closer it's hard to resist
And I know I could easily fall
I'd rather live with the chance that I'll miss
Than end up with nothing at all

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