Sugarush Beat Company: L.O.V.E

Fusionando sonido electrónico con soul, asi es la nueva aventura musical de Rahsaan Patterson junto a la cantante Ida Corr y el compositor y productor Jaz Rogers. Toda una experiencia sonora la que podemos ver y oir en nuestro video debut. Con vosotros SugaRush Beat Company y su video "L-O-V-E".
I was chasin' you
(like a little giddy girl still in high school)
Had to know your name
(had to find a way to somehow get through to you)

You had this boy dreamin' of what it would be like, baby
To feel the roar (feelin' the roar)
of your thunder (feel the roar of your thunder) thunder
of your wonder (of your wonder) and your touch

And you better believe it was

(L) L is love it's love
(O) O yeah so is love
(V) V is very good love
(E) Everyday I need

(L) L is love it's love
(O) Oh yeah so is love
(V) V is very good love
(E) And you better believe it was

(I'm addicted...)

It was fate, you see
Baby I was meant to love ya, and you were meant to drive me crazy
I don't care what the doctor say, oh no
I don't want his medicine I need your


I'm sitting in here trying to bide the time, the time
with no way out
I'm needing you now, needing you now,
Baby come and Baby come and rescue...


(I'm addicted...)

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